Current version of software

Current version of software for processing meal tickets - emision 2014/2015 is named / marked 3.2.184 (2.1.2015). You can download update in ...
2. 1. 2015


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The meal ticket counter

The meal ticket counter is a time saving device containing software specifically designed to read bar codes contained on various manufactures of meal tickets. To date, producers of meal tickets such as Le Cheque Dejeuner, Edenred, Sodexo, DOXX, Vaša Slovensko have been successfully synced with the meal ticket counter and tests have proven the meal ticket counter is capable of reading 1000 meal tickets a minute.

The meal ticket counter is a compact, mobile piece of equipment that is easily connected to your computer through serial interface RS232 (COM1 or COM2) or through converter RS232/USB. More importantly, the meal ticket counter greatly streamlines the ticket counting process by utilizing software that analyzes the individual codes contained on a meal ticket using a function called "checking split." This function summarizes all the tickets scanned by the meal ticket counter by 1) identifying each tickets values and 2) sorting the meal tickets by the specific issuing company. In addition to the checking split feature, the meal ticket counter retains all the bar code information of the individual tickets scanned, allowing you the ability to customize the information based on your company's needs.

Other features of the meal ticket counter include the identification of damaged or potentially fraudulent meal tickets, at which time the counter will stop and allow the operator to remove the damaged or suspect ticket, then input the ticket's information manually via the keyboard of their computer. In further, the meal ticket counter has also ability to check the size of each meal ticket, its height and thickness, and identify incorrect ticket size during the sorting process.

The meal ticket counter is also capable of counting cash, as this feature is incorporated with the software that comes with the device.