Current version of software

Current version of software for processing meal tickets - emision 2014/2015 is named / marked 3.2.184 (2.1.2015). You can download update in ...
2. 1. 2015


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  • info@camo.cz


Application program GMS5810 principal features

Data entry

  • Entry of the read barcode from the serial port, with the on-line outlet on the screen.
  • Read barcode input in the file with a pre-set name and type.
  • A possibility to re-open a read file and further completes it by the next meal tickets reading.


  • Itemazition list - during reading is possible to show e.g. part of batch checking (of one issuer).
  • Printing of the itemazition list for meal ticket (issuer) company.
  • Data export to original itemazition list of issuer company.
  • Itemazition list printing for all issuers (meal ticket company).

Service functions

  • Data directory setting-up.
  • Displaying and setting of the last loading file (next start of the program will automatic offer about one higher).
  • Setting up the communication protocol for the serial interface.
  • Setting up the head for output printing form.
  • Setting up of check meal ticket validity.
  • Automatic functions of application setting up (delete of duplicate codes, aut. generation of output file, and the like).