A new counting device is coming out soon

Based on inquiries from our clients we are developing a new custom modification for our counting machine. The new device is gonna be able to process ...
27. 3. 2020


Application program GMS5810 principal features

Data entry

  • Importing codes via serial port
  • Saving imported codes as a file with predefined name and type.
  • Possible to repeatedly open an existing file and keep on reading new tickets.


  • Itemasition list - Possibility to show check for a part of the batch while its still reading (only one issuer).
  • Print the itemasition list for the ticket issuing company.
  • Data export into issuer's original itemasition list.
  • Print the Itemasition list for all issuers at once.

Service functions

  • Data directories settings.
  • Ability to set up and display the last processed file (next program strart offers one more)
  • Communication protocol settings for the serial interface
  • Ability to edit the header for output print form.
  • Settings for meal tickets validation.
  • Automatic functions settings (removing duplicated codes, generating output file, and so on).