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Based on inquiries from our clients we are developing a new custom modification for our counting machine. The new device is gonna be able to process ...
27. 3. 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

What people ask for

Our customer service is here for you! Please don't hesitate to contact us with anything you may have on your mind. There's no such thing as a stupid question.

Over the time we have collected, answered and processed a fair number of many different questions and requests. To save your(and also ours) time we have written down a list of frequently repeated requests and questions. So you may get the information you're looking for without waiting for a reply. We'll keep on regular updates of this list.

Is there any possibility to read one ticket twice?

Yes, there is. In case that operator inserts the same ticket into the device more than once our software will recognise this duplicity and will remove the ticket from the counting. Our app not only reads the barcodes but also compares them between each other. So basically It is possible to read them twice however only unique ones will by counted in summary report.

What OS is supported?

We support Windows XP and newer versions.

Is it possible to connect the device via USB?

Our machines come with a standard connection port RS-232. If your PC/Laptop is incompatible we will provide a Digitus RS-232 to USB converter so you can use USB.

Can I switch over to count at higher speeds? How is this gonna affect functionality?

Our devices are callibrated for the speed of 900 or 1000 pieces per minute(depends on the type). If you’ll increase the speed the machine may not be able to properly read all the barcodes and will deliver NO READ error more often especially over time when sensors may get clogged/covered with dust particles. For this reason we recommend to work at the preset speeds.

I need to reinstall OS / install your software on a different computer. What should I do?

Give us a call. Our technician will tell you what directories from your drive C you need to backup and copy to your new PC. After you connect the counting machine to your new device our technician will do all the job remotely via TeamViewer(Installation, license update, config edit and so on).

May I see your device in person or eventually test it out?

We can send a reference list where you’ll see what companies in your area use our device. Send your request to obchod@camo.cz. We also offer a trial period during which you can try out the device. The TRIAL IS FREE. If you’re interested in this option kindly send your request to the email address above and we will contact you. Our technician will then bring the machine, install the user software and show and explain all the functionality to you. The trial period is one month during which you’ll be able to test everything including a levy period.

Are there any cheaper alternatives on the market? Or are you planning to make a cheaper solution?

At the moment we don’t know about a similar device that would be chaper than our Counting machines. Not only in Czech Republic but neither in Europe or in the world. Our devices exceed the borders of EU and we have delivered them to the countries like Morocco, India or Peru. Nor from these customers We don’t have any feedback there would be a cheaper competitor on their markets.
We’ve been trying to make a more cost effective counters for a while now. Unfortunately because of a necessity to match a certain HW and SW technical requirements we will unlikely be able to make and release a cheaper alternative soon.

I run two public canteens. We don’t get too many meal tickets however processing them manually is disturbing and delaying. Can you offer anything more flexible and cost effective over the counting machine?
Is it necessary to have a single device for each branch or can I use just one for both?

Places of your type usually process meal tickets using a hand scanner RS-X00. The software used for this device is completely the same as for the counters.
Your are able to define all your branches in the app so you will just select the one your meal tickets are from and they are then saved under this branch. You are also able to print a summary report for each one individally or for both together.

Can I estimate the return of the investment when buying a counting machine?

We get these questions every once in a while so we’ve processed an estimate of the economic return several times for interested buyers. The length of this period relies on the type of device, capacity of processed tickets and time consumption needed to process these tickets. Based on our experience We estimate the return of the investment should be within 14-36 months.
All of these estimates we made for other companies matched the real results over the time with the variance of max. 10% which we are glad for. We are keen to compile an estimate for you as well. Please kindly send a request to obchod@camo.cz where we’ll tell you what informations you’ll need to provide.

Our drivers bring from deliveries meal tickets as well as banknotes that we process at our checkout. There is quite a bit of them and counting manually takes lots of time for drivers and cashiers as well. What device would you recommend for us?

For this kind of workplace we advise to use a counting/sorting machine TS1000. The cashier is able to count all the banknotes in one step, then he/she can switch over to barcodes and finally count and sort the meal tickets within 3 steps. Both types of funds are also sorted and oragnised in the summary report in our app. For this operation the cashier must use the „Mix mode“ when counting.

What are the payment options? Can I just rent a counting machine?

We make these machines and that’s what gives us the option to be flexible in this matter. We are able to offer a payment schedule for up to 12 months for all direct sales.
You can also just rent a device. When you’re renting we offer the option for repurchase the device if you’ll ask for it during the renting time. In this case We deduct the amount you have already paid from the product price without increasing the final price.

What sort of device would you recommend if I need to process XXXX pieces of coupons a month?

The feedback from our customers says 8000 coupons is approx. number that sets an imagined border where you‘d better to obtain for a counting device. Smaller companies with less amount of coupons usually choose the RS-X00 hand scanner which fully works with our software. If the volume of coupons is higher or there are more branches within the company a counting machine is worthier.

How about maintaining or possible repairs?

For Czech Republic and Slovakia We provide all the regular maintenance and repair works by ourselves. In other countries We have our Service Partners for which we have fully trained their technicians.
Our regular service is delivered via service trips for a certain area. In case you’d need a maintenance or repair out of these trips there is a possibility to send the machine via delivery companies. For these cases we try to prioritize the job to ensure operability of your machine within 4 working days. During the time of repair service a spare machine will be provided to you in order to keep your working process on.