A new counting device is coming out soon

Based on inquiries from our clients we are developing a new custom modification for our counting machine. The new device is gonna be able to process ...
27. 3. 2020

Our Products


Our devices are designed to be fast and automatic tools for ticket processing. Whether it's counting, sorting, printing, shredding or enveloping. We've been specialising on barcode processing and cooperating with barcode issuing companies for a while now.

Efficiency at the high speed

Most of our counting devices have the ability to choose the speed from 500 all the way up to 1800 tickets per minute. However increasing the speed usually also increases errors. We calibrated the speed of feeding system and the speed of barcode scanner to be perfectly matched and together with motion sensors we were able to decrease miscount rates even more. Vast testing showed the most efficient results at the speed of 1000 tickets per minute. This is the default speed for all of our counting machines.

Software based on customers

We created a software to control particular batches that fits everyone. Whether you need to filter categories, make summaries, print reports or archive it all. We asked our clients and based on their requirements we came up with an app for all. In case you'll find a missing functionality give us a shout and we'll be happy to customize it to your needs.

Growing support

We collaborate with companies issuing meal and other barcode tickets across the whole Europe. And we look for new partners to extend our portfolio even more. Our largest partners currently are - Cheque Dejeuner, Sodexo, Edenred, DOXX.

Device for counting money bills and barcode coupons

TS1000 is able to count and sort banknotes as well as barcode coupons
meal tickets and banknotes counter / sorter with counterfeit detection


Barcode / banknote reader & sorter

Our most advanced "all in one" counting / sorting machine. Unlike the GMS-1000K This device is capable to sort tickets / banknotes based on set criteria. Whether it's a particular currency, denomination, date of issue or tickets made by just one issuer. TS1000 comes with counterfeit detection, 2 stackers and default speed of 1000 notes per minute.

Counting machine for bills and barcode / meal tickets


Barcode Ticket / banknote counter

A basic model of a barcode reader able to scan and count barcode tickets with high accuracy of reading at the speed of up to 1000 tickets per minute.The device is optimised to work with meal tickets however can be modified to process any ticket with a barcode. Thanks to included double detecting sensors and high speed scanner we were able to achieve minimal errors and miscount rates that often accompany increased speed.

Stamping machine for ticket/coupon voidance and other prints
G-iTEC 1000

G-iTEC 1000

InkJet Ticket Endorser

G-iTEC1000 is a ticket stamping machine with integrated industrial InkJet printer. The device has been specially designated for voidance meal tickets or other coupons in high volumes. Machine is equipped with a high class printer that guarantees accurate printing ath the speed of up to 1000 tickets per minute.


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