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27. 3. 2020

LC-300 Barcode reader


Barcode coupon reader

LC-300 is a device combining vouchers & banknotes counting machine with a high speed barcode scanner. The device differs from usual banknote counting machines and our other barcode processing products in following features:

  • > processing tickets with smaller dimensions
  • > processing tickets with non-standard dimensions (standard = banknote dimensions)
  • > long tickets pass through the machine lengthwise
  • > suitable to process for example lottery coupons
  • > device is compact and is easy to carry around and manipulate with

Software functions

Software is a part of each order and has many features for example:

  • - coupon nominal value detection
  • - coupon expiry date identification
  • - notification for duplicate or its rejection

Our technicians are able to install and set the application remotely via shared screen on your computer. In a case of any troubles please feel free to contact our customer service.

software inputs


  • Importing codes via serial port
  • Saving imported codes as a file with predefined name and type
  • Possible to repeatedly open an existing file and keep on reading new tickets
software functions


  • Data directories settings
  • Ability to set up and display the last processed file (next program start offers one more)
  • Communication protocol settings for the serial interface
  • Ability to edit the header for output print form
  • Settings for meal tickets validation
  • Ability to edit the header for output print form
  • Automatic functions settings (removing duplicated codes, generating output file, and so on)
software outputs


  • Itemasition list - Possibility to show check for a part of the batch while its still reading (only one issuer)
  • Print the itemasition list for the ticket issuing company
  • Data export into issuer's original itemasition list
  • Print the Itemasition list for all issuers at once
  • Examples of Summary reports:

Technical Specification

Hopper capacity 100 tickets
Stacker capacity 100 tickets
Reading speed 300 pcs/min.(recommended speed)
Double note detection Counting stops when sensor detects paired tickets
Supported barcodes CODE 39, ITF, Industrial 2of5, Standard 2of5,COOP 2of5, NW-7 (Codabar), CODE 128,GS1-128, CODE 93, EAN/UPC, GS1 Databar
PC conectivity RS232 / USB (converter RS232/USB)
Automatic mode Reading starts automatically by inserting the tickets into hopper
Paper thickness 0,08 - 0,12mm
Ticket dimensions Min. 55 x 70 mm, Max. 80 x 170 mm
Wattage 24 W
Power supply 12V DC / 2 A (converter 100-240V / 12V)
Device dimensions 430 mm(W)
210 mm(H)
120 mm(L)
Weight 3 Kg (6.6 lb)


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