Current version of software

Current version of software for processing meal tickets - emision 2014/2015 is named / marked 3.2.184 (2.1.2015). You can download update in ...
2. 1. 2015

Meal ticket / Bank note sorting machine

This new multifunction device can read bar codes from meal tickets and can sort tickets according to entered parameters, e.g. sort out tickets of ...
4. 6. 2014

Abroad deliveries

Last deliveries of meal ticket counters GMS-1000K abroad were to Cheque Déjeuner branches in Germany and in Poland.
29. 11. 2013

The meal ticket counter

The meal ticket counter is a device serving for downloading of the meal ticket bar codes; however, it can also concern various tickets, vouchers, cards that include a bar code unambiguously identifying the meal ticket, etc. At the same time the counter can serve as a classic calculating machine, e.g. for counting of banknotes.


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