A new counting device is coming out soon

Based on inquiries from our clients we are developing a new custom modification for our counting machine. The new device is gonna be able to process ...
27. 3. 2020

Current version of software

Current version of software for processing meal tickets - emision 2014/2015 is named / marked 3.2.184 (2.1.2015). You can download update in ...
2. 1. 2015

Meal ticket / Bank note sorting machine

This new multifunction device can read bar codes from meal tickets and can sort tickets according to entered parameters, e.g. sort out tickets of ...
4. 6. 2014

Meal ticket counter

Meal ticket counter is a device made for reading and counting Meal tickets or any other coupons / vouchers with printed barcodes which identify them. At the same time the counter is able to use as a counting machine for standard banknotes