A new counting device is coming out soon

Based on inquiries from our clients we are developing a new custom modification for our counting machine. The new device is gonna be able to process ...
27. 3. 2020

Equipment for branches


  • All branches Cheque Déjeuner are equiped by machines GMS-1000K.
  • Aparart from a meal ticket counters are in each branch modified shredding machine with special meal ticket stacker (stacker capacity is 10.000 meal tickets) with special automatic feeding (development and production by CAMO).

We have been cooperated with company Le Cheque Déjeuner in field of automatization of ticket processing already for 10 years. All branches in Czech Republic are equiped by machines GMS-1000K. Read bar codes from meal tickets are in form of electronic files sending to central PC. Meal tickets are then shred in each branch in special modified shredding machine with automatical large capacity feeder. Modification of shredding machine and special feeder are results of development and production of company CAMO.